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Welcome to Call of the White Crane!

From the singing nomads of the grasslands of Amdo and Kham, to the nightclubs of Lhasa--and even including Tibetans in exile across the globe--we bring you some of the most incredible and inspiring Tibetan music videos for your listening and viewing pleasure. With our original translations of such wonderful and soulful music, it is our hope that people from all over can appreciate and connect with the voices of Tibet--crying out for their own people, their own land, and their own traditions. The 'Call of the White Crane' resonates through the voices of Tibet's pawo and pamo (heroes and heroines) who tirelessly work to lift the spirits of their people and ensure the longevity of their precious culture.

We are currently translating songs and trying to post one every few days so please check in from time to time. If you have a favorite Tibetan song you would like to see translated, please feel free to email us a request.

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  1. Wow, thujeche for kindly translating Tibetan songs!