Petition for Jailed Tibetan Singers

Release Tibetan singers


Help us reach our target of 8,000 names
Sign our petition to Wu Aiying, China's Justice Minister...
At least ten singers have been imprisoned by China in Tibet since 2012, joining thousands of other political prisoners in this occupied country.
Many are jailed without explanation and disappear for months on end.
Their families are kept in the dark about their whereabouts and after they are tried and sentenced, the nature of their "crime" may not even be made public.
The United Nations has described torture in Tibet as being "widespread" and "routine".
Tell China's Minister of Justice Wu Aiying to release the following

  • Lolo
  • Shawo Tashi
  • Pema Thinley
  • Chakdor
  • Chokyal
  • Achok Phulshung
  • Kalsang Yarphel
  • Trinley Tsekar
  • Gongpo Tsezin

And to ensure that all Tibetans are free to express themselves without fear of punishment.
In 2012 and 2013, China jailed ten Tibetan singers after they wrote and performed songs celebrating Tibet, opposing China's occupation and calling for freedom. In December 2013, one of them - Trinley Tsekar - was sentenced to nine years in prison.
Music is a vital part of Tibetans' resistance to Chinese rule. Singers like these not only keep alive a culture that China is trying to erase from the world, but their songs articulate the aspirations, fears and courage of a people who remain proud and defiant after 60 years of occupation.
The Chinese state has undermined, dismantled and systematically attacked Tibetan culture for decades. By persecuting these musicians China is suppressing the culture of Tibet, as well as abusing their human rights.

What can you do?

Those imprisoned are listed below. Click on the links to learn more about each singer, watch videos of them performing and read the courageous and heartfelt words of their songs.
Join Iggy Pop, Peter Gabriel, Thom Yorke, Serj Tankian and more in signing ourpetition to China's Minister of Justice, Wu Aiying.

Kalsang Yarphel

Kalsang Yarphel crop.jpg
action10.jpgDetained: July 2013
Status: arbitrary detention
Father of three. Not yet tried or sentenced

Pema Tinley

Pema Trinleyforweb.jpg
Detained: 2012
Status: sentenced to four years in February 2013
Imprisoned in Miangyang prison, Sichuan. Family have been denied visiting rights


action10.jpgDetained: 2012
Status: sentenced to four years in February 2013
Musical partner of Pema Tinley. Close relative self-immolated in 2012.


lolo crop2.jpg
action10.jpgDetained: February 2013
Status: sentenced to six years in February 2013
Popular singer with no known link to protests or other activism.

Shawo Tashi

Shawo Tashi crop.jpg
action10.jpgDetained: November 2012
Status: sentenced to five years in prison
Songs call for Tibetan unity and protection of the environment.

Achok Phulshung

Achok Phulshung crop.jpg
action10.jpgDetained: August 2012
Status: arbitrary detention
No information about his current whereabouts or any trial has been released since his arrest.


Choksal crop.jpg
action10.jpgDetained: July 2012
Status: sentenced to two years in prison
Imprisoned in Lhasa.

Trinley Tsekar

trinley tsekar web crop.jpg
action10.jpgDetained: 20 November 2013
Status: sentenced to nine years
Reportedly convicted and sentenced because of his participation in anti-mining protests.

Gongpo Tsezin

Gongpo Tenzin 1.jpg

Detained: 30 November 2013
Status: arbitrary detention
Songs promote Tibetan culture and the campaign to boycott Losar (Tibetan New Year) celebrations while Tibet is still oppressed.

Pema Rigzin

Pema Rigzin crop.jpg
Detained: 7 May 2013
Status: arbitrary detention
Detained for producing albums for Tibetan singers Chokdor, Pema Thinley and Achok Phulshung at his studio.

[Copied from Free Tibet's website. Please visit this link: to sign their petition]

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