Friday, March 6, 2015

"The Way of Truth" by Dedzom

གཞས། བདེན་པའི་ལམ།།
Song: "The Way of Truth"

ལེན་མཁན། བདེ་འཛོམས།།
Singer: Dedzom

Nyi ma ri ley gal song
Da wa drin pey drib song
Nga dang kar tshog tra mö
Mün nag kyil ney gug yö

The sun has passed over the mountains
The moon is obscured by clouds
Me and all these beautiful stars
Are waiting amidst darkness

Seng truk gang ri gal song
Gya tak tra wo sey song
Nga dang ri jang nyam chung
Nya ngen thang ney gug yö

The snow lion has passed over the snow mountains
The bengal tiger has been slayed
Me and all these humble mountain wolves
Wait in despair

Gyel wey san tha drim song
Pang kha kha wey sil song
Nga dang shül lü bhö mi
Mün nag tsön ney gug yö

The victorious one has crossed over the border
The meadows are frozen with snow
Me and all these Tibetans left behind
Are waiting in a dark prison

Den dzun shen jey jey khen
Drang den ming dang den pay
Dön den drok shig yö na
Den pay lam shig tön rok

Those who clearly distinguish between truth and lies
Who bear the name of truth and honesty
If such a friend with purpose is out there
Please show the way of truth

Note: There were a couple of issues with the original lyrics in Tibetan here which forced me to alter and reinterpret them. One line (སྤང་ཁ་ཁ་བས་བསིལ་སོང། Pang kha kha wey sil song) I wrote down by ear because the original lyrics did not match up at all with what the singer was saying, so what I wrote is my educated guess, but at least sounds like what she is saying. I also changed བརྩོན་ནས་ (tsön ney)--which means something like "diligently"--to the very similarly spelled བཙོན་ནས, which is almost certainly the intended meaning hear (from within a dungeon/prison).

Vocab (These can be used colloquially):

ཉི་མ་ Sun/day/day time. Pronounced: "Nyee ma"; Wylie: "Nyi ma".
ཟླ་བ་ Moon/month.  Pronounced: "Da wa"; Wylie: "Zla ba".
མུན་ནག་ Dark/darkness. Pronounced: "Mün nag"; Wylie: "Mun nag"
གངས་རི་ Snow mountain. Pronounced: "Gang ree"; Wylie: "Gangs ri".
བོད་མི་ Tibetan people. Pronounced: "Bhö mee"; Wylie: "Bod mi".
དྲང་བདེན་ Honest truth/ Honesty & truth. Pronounced: "Drang den"; Wylie: "Drang bden".

-Translated by Sherab

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