Friday, June 6, 2014

'Finished' by Gepe

གཞས། ཚར་རྒྱུ་རེད།། 

Song: Finished

གཞས་པ། དགེ་བྷེ། 

Singer: Gepe

Dü rab sar wa di yi go la ru
Tsho dö chey pay jam den dong may wey
Key rig na tshok she no sang gi ra
Pha key tsang ma bor na tshar gyu rey

Loving Red-Faced ones who care
For this modern era,
How wonderful our siblings are who know so many languages!
Yet, if you abandon the pure language of your fathers, it will be finished!

Shey rig ö tong tro way lob ling gi
Rig pay nor bu dzin pay lob bu tshor
Deng rab sam lo yö no yak gi ra
Söl gyün yö tshey dor na tshar gyu rey

The students who grasp the jewel of learning
At institutes radiating a thousand light-rays of knowledge,
Oh siblings who think of modern times, how good you are!
Yet, if you abandon all the customs we have, they will be finished!

Dro gay tsey jo röl say gar teg teng
Dra min lu ru gug pay lu wa tshö
La gyay dren kül lang no sa ki ra
Nyo chang thung gyu mang na tshar gyu rey

Upon the stage where you enjoy joyful games and drinks,
Singers attracting [others] with various songs,
Oh siblings who remind us of our loyalties, how incorruptible you are!
Yet, if you get drunk on too much alcohol, you will be finished!

Pu gyel tsen pö sha rü ma yel way
Tö mey kün la tsho way rong drok tshö
Phö la tsang ma gyön no gyen gi ra
Thün dril lak dang thor na tshar gyu rey

Not wasting the flesh and bones of your Tibetan kings,
Farmers and nomads who maintain the land,
Oh siblings who adorn yourselves with pure Tibetan dress, such ornamentation!
Yet, if unity is lost in conflicts, all will be finished!

Note: I always felt this song to be very moving and passionate in both its meaning and performance by the incredible Gepe, yet there is some uncertainty in my translation here due to some ambiguities for me in the Tibetan. There are some particles placed in here I have not seen before and cannot find appropriate definitions for. Therefore, I translated much of this song according to my intuition, which I feel is mostly accurate but of course I cannot be sure. As this is one of my favorite songs by Gepe--who has recently and unjustly been taken back to prison at the time of this writing--I really wanted to have it translated in his honor. The main message of the song is clear: Tibetan culture is at risk, and if proper steps are not taken it will all soon be over and done with. Many of Gepe's songs are similar to this one, and he should be commended for his efforts and heroism--I truly hope this translation allows more people to appreciate his noble work. His story is both an inspiration and a tragedy. 


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